Mercaz Usa is the official slate of the conservative movement in the us.

Together with our Conservative/Masorti representatives from other countries, MERCAZ is the official representative of the Conservative movement to the World Zionist Organization and elected delegates will represent us at the World Zionist Congress in the Fall of 2020.

MERCAZ’s mission is to support religious pluralism in Israel and strengthen the connection between Israel and the Diaspora. MERCAZ is both a fierce advocate and a force that guarantees funding for that is so crucial to our Movement’s growth in Israel and around the world.


Movement Support

MERCAZ representation in the WZO and Jewish Agency translates directly into millions of dollars annually in allocations, program subsidies, and services. These resources support Masorti institutions in Israel such as the Schechter Institute, TALI schools, Masorti congregations and Kibbutz Hannaton. In addition, these funds support American Conservative Movement programs, such as USY’s NATIV Year Course, Ramah Seminar and the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem as well as Masorti Olami programs around the world. 

The entirety of the Conservative Movement in the US has rallied behind the campaign. This united front will enable us to run the most effective campaign possible within our Congregations, organizations and among our constituents. Representatives of the various US arms will be included in the slate of delegates/alternates that we present at the Congress.

For more information go to MERCAZUSA.