Why Vote?

because elections have consequences.

Every 5 years American Jews have the opportunity to vote in the World Zionist Congress and have influence in a way that American Jews rarely have in Israel.  While this may seem like a small arcane election - in fact - critical decisions, influential positions, reputational influence, and funding for Movement are all at stake in this coming election. 

Our opponents on the ground will watch this election as a bell-weather of where the American electorate stands. It is critical for them to see a strong and vibrant vote from the American Conservative movement of Judaism.

To take a stand and get involved TEXT ‘VOTE’ to 917.336.1162 or sign up here:


We’ve Made Progress.

Our work in Israel is just beginning. More and more Israelis are seeking out alternatives to Orthodox Judaism and the Conservative/Masorti Movement offers them an alternative.

Conservative/Masorti Judaism has hit important milestones in Israel: 

  • Over 80 kehillot and minyanim across Israel provide religious services, educational programs, lifecycle events, and community service opportunities with over 800 B’nai Mitzvah yearly.

  • 1,000+ egalitarian services yearly at the Masorti Family Kotel with over 100,000 people participating in these services.

  • Explosive growth of the Conservative Movement Youth Group - NOAM, with more than 700 youth participating in the Ramah Summer Camp program this past summer.

  • Adraba - The Shirley Lowy Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities is a driving force behind an array of Jewish empowerment and inclusion opportunities. Over 200 children and young people with disabilities have been able to participate in the typical Jewish and social experiences annually and over 5,000 kids to date.

  • Jewish Pluralism Watch ensures that all Jews are fully recognized, Masorti rabbis are accorded full legal status, and Jews by choice are recognized as fully Jewish and that Masorti congregations receive  proportionate and fair funding from the state.





The ultra-Orthodox factions in power have blocked attempts to advance religious freedom at almost every turn. Even more egregious - they have succeeded in blocking the Israeli Government from delivering on major agreements to expand the egalitarian footprint of the Kotel (The Western Wall). This election gives us the opportunity to continue the fight for religious pluralism for all Jews, not just at the Kotel but throughout Israel including - the recognition of Conservative/Masorti Rabbis and recognition of the lifecycle events and conversions they perform; full egalitarian rights of women; and a continuation of the unfettered right of return for all Jews around the world.



Israel is rooted in the precepts of liberty, justice and peace and continues to be the only Democratic state in the region. The growing power of the Ultra-Orthodox in the Israeli government is not only threatening religious freedom but the basic tenets of democracy. Now more than ever - American Jews should stand up for these principles and push back.



Israel is home to a melting pot of different cultures and religions — it should stay that way. We want to protect minority rights in Israel by holding the Israeli government accountable to the view outlined in Israel’s founding document: “complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion, race or sex” and guaranteed “freedom of religion, conscience, language, education and culture.”


 Act Now!

To Get involved, text ‘Vote’ to 917.336.1162